Vaso Trapezio

The artisan producing this piece in all three heights is unsurpassed in fabricating these challenging architectural shapes. In order for them to be created without buckling or collapsing, each piece must be constructed a section at a time. Further, a slight draft while they are air-drying before being kiln fired for five to seven days can cause fatal flaws. The final result is stunning, original and utterly compelling.

Vaso Trapezio
  • Sizes
  • 36" high
  • 04-402-090
  • 47" high
  • 04-402-120
  • 55" high
  • 04-402-140
  • Pricing
  • Call, email or fax for prices.
  • Shipment
  • Crated and shipped via common carrier.
  • Companion Pieces
  • Cono Alto
    Hanging Inverted Pyramid
  • Region
  • Impruneta
  • Customization
  • None