Anfora Lineare

This innovative shape, tall and graceful, satisfies the requirements of a modernist and a traditionalist all at once. The lines of the Anfora Lineare are inspired by the classic high-shouldered urn of ancient times, yet the piece displays a clean, contemporary edge. We are proud to offer the Anfora Lineare, an entirely new style from one of Impruneta's finest terra cotta artisans.

Anfora Lineare
  • Sizes
  • 35" high x 18" dia.
  • 10-401-090
  • Pricing
  • Call, email or fax for prices.
  • Shipment
  • Crated and shipped via common carrier.
  • Companion Pieces
  • Trapezio
  • Scanalata Bowl
  • Region
  • Impruneta
  • Customization
  • None