Classic Beauty
A 300 Year Family History

The Berti Family
Umbria is a beautiful region in the very center of Italy. It is a tranquil land of gently sloping hills and small villages, some of which have remained virtually unchanged for centuries. The hills are made of clay soil, worked for hundreds of years to produce fine terra cotta products such as urns, vases and other decorative and functional objects. In a lovely valley just off the Autostrada, but not easy to locate, is a small family business, which produces the most beautiful classic urns and vases we have ever seen – in Italy or elsewhere.

When we first discovered Eugenio and his family in 1998 they had only recently installed a gas-fired kiln. Prior to that, these descendants of the original clan who moved from Assisi about 300 years ago to produce terra cotta art were still using a wood-fired kiln to produce their pottery. That old kiln, used by their ancestors since the 1700's, is still on the property. Amazingly, it is, even today, pressed into service now and then.

These family members are as unassuming and modest as they are skilled and talented. Their special gift is the production of soft, classic forms and shapes, which invariably evoke the Renaissance gardens of yesteryear. From the quintessential Vaso Limone to the lovely and original Four-Handled Orcio, their pieces form a fundamental link to the past and are essential elements in our collection. Indeed, the Roman Urn was the very first piece ColleZione ever carried in our product line, and as such, is very dear to us.

Roman Urns ready for the kiln
We were delighted and tremendously gratified when a pair of the lovely, classical Roman Urns – at 33" tall an impressive sight – were chosen to be displayed at Stanford University flanking the entrance of "The Changing Garden: Four Centuries of European & American Art" in 2003. To have helped forge a link between this talented family's history of terra cotta production and a 21st century museum exhibition was indeed a remarkable privilege. Since 1998 ColleZione has built our collection with this family's fine urns and vases at its core. We are deeply honored to be the only company offering their products for sale in the United States of America.