Architectural Forms and Robust Clay Make a Bold Statement

Vaso Trapezio in our Showroom
Many people, when presented with the striking architectural forms and shapes that characterize this company's best work, are awestruck. The artists, originally from Naples, run a seemingly average small factory in Impruneta. Average, that is, until you notice the careful detail and spectacular simplicity of their forms. Lello, a talented, determined man and his son and extended family produce many of the styles that ColleZione is proud to offer in our collection of terra cotta art. From the soaring Vaso Trapezio to our ever-popular Camelia Vase, to the Hanging Inverted Pyramid, which defies gravity, this family's skill and expertise always exceed expectations.

Beauty and bold shapes are not the entire story. The clay from this region, and from which this company's containers are made, is so frost-proof that we have seen entire containers filled with water and frozen solid without the pieces cracking or splitting. Incredible durability is a hallmark of Impruneta clay products and is reflected in the beautiful architectural pieces we obtain from Lello and his family.

Pyramids ready for inspection,
January 2003
It is a fact of life that most Tuscans take for granted, but that Americans are only now learning; when you invest in the beautiful, durable Italian terra cotta containers, be prepared to pass them along to your children.

Incredible beauty, unique and original styles, and world-class durability; products with these characteristics are available in the U.S. only from ColleZione. We can offer these gorgeous works of art largely due to our association with craftsmen like Lello, and we are continually grateful for that privilege.