Talent and Inspiration Come Together in Impruneta


Just south of Florence, across the Arno, is the village of Impruneta, which has a 500-year history of terra cotta artistry and production. At the end of a 3-mile dirt road, impossible to find even with directions and virtually impassable in winter, you will find Andrea, Alessandro and Annalisa. The three collaborators in this six-year-old business produce some of the most exquisitely beautiful examples of terra cotta art we've seen anywhere in Italy. Andrea, the director, was formerly an archeologist who decided at the youthful age of 25 to change professions and form this venture. While it was an entirely new field to Andrea, it is one with a long and celebrated history in Italy.


The artist in the company is Annalisa, who, as a woman, is a rarity in her field. Her work is characterized by exquisite detail and flawless implementation. Whether it is a three-dimensional cherub sprouting from the side of the 'Putti Vase', or a swirling mass of leaves, vines and grapes on the 'Masterpiece Vase', Annalisa is unparalleled in her artistry. Her talent is not only ornate pieces; a simple, modern form is just as beautifully accomplished in her stylish 'Flared Bowl'. Annalisa's immense talent and originality evoke passionate responses from all who view her work, and remind us every day why we do what we do.

Andrea with pieces
ready for the kiln

When Ron and Mary Ann met Andrea and his collaborators several years ago, we were instantly struck with the uniqueness and diversity of their forms, and the impeccable execution of every single piece. There was an immediate connection between the two firms, and this early association has blossomed into a mutually respectful and beneficial relationship. ColleZione is honored to be the exclusive distributor of their terra cotta products in the United States.