What's New at ColleZione

We hope you will visit this page often and stay in the know about new products, upcoming events and other happenings regarding ColleZione. We recently co-sponsored "Fresh Design 2006", Gardens to Match Your Architecture", presented by the Garden Conservancy in San Francisco. (www.gardenconservancy.org). In addition, ColleZione exhibited at Gamble Garden in Palo Alto on April 28 and 29 in association with their Spring Garden Tour and showed our pieces at the bi-annual Atherton Garden Guild flower show on May 3rd.

ColleZione's beautiful containers are part of the traveling national exhibit "A Place To Take Root, The History of Flower Pots and Garden Containers in America", which is currently in Princeton, New Jersey and soon to be in Hartford, CT. See the Masterpiece Vase, the Cassetta Alta and the Vaso Trapezio at this exhibit. All of these pieces are utterly unique compared to others in the program and an integral part of the event. See photos of our pieces in this exhibit on the Smith College website.

New Products

We have two new designs, currently on display in our showroom. Please call or email for pricing, part numbers or availability on these gorgeous new styles. The Anfora Lineare, bottom left, is the very first contemporary piece ever made by Fornace Masini in Impruneta.


Anfora Lineare
A classic form with a modern feel. 35"h x 18"dia

Trapezio Alto
This piece reminds us of a giant champagne flute! It measures 41"h x 15" x 15".

Recent Installations

ColleZione's containers were chosen to flank the pool of the elaborate Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas. Among the styles selected were the Masterpiece Vase, Roman Urn and the Four Handled Orcio.

Masterpiece Vases flanking the pool.

Masterpiece Vase near the pool.