500 Years
of Beauty

Discovering the Art of
Italian Terra Cotta

Since 1998 ColleZione has been offering our unique collection of beautiful hand-made terra cotta containers to clients in the United States. In the years since starting the company, we have developed a reputation for selecting incomparable designs and discovering new artisans. It has been our privilege to develop special relationships with these artisans and to discover together the joys of bringing their accomplished work to our clients.

Our journey began innocently - on a trip to Italy in 1997 for relaxation and enjoyment - and has developed into a passionate enthusiasm for the 500-year tradition of Italian terra cotta artistry. The beauty of the forms struck us first; each was an individual work of art. As we continued to learn about the craft, we understood that beauty was only part of the story, as many of the containers from Impruneta and elsewhere were frost-proof to as much as -30°F and could last for hundreds of years.

Garden Design by
Laurie R. Callaway
In fact, Filippo Brunelleschi demanded that the roof tiles of Santa Maria del Fiore (the "Duomo") be made of Impruneta clay in 1503, and those same roof tiles are still in place today - exactly 500 years later.

Hand-made terra cotta containers from Italy are totally different from any mass-produced or machine made products that may be found in the American. marketplace. The stylistic variations in each piece are a result of the artist's temperament and personality; in addition, the unmistakable fingerprints visible on some pieces and, in some cases, a wavering edge, demonstrate that each piece is hand made and utterly unique.

The combination of skill, artistry and passion exhibited by the artists we represent is the driving force behind our desire to bring these products to our clients. We are delighted to be the conduit between these talented men and women in Italy and the appreciative patrons who enjoy their work here in the U.S. Linking an Italian Renaissance art form to the 21st Century is a privilege and an honor; working with these gifted artisans in Italy is our passion.

Ron van Thiel and Mary Ann Mullen